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How Many Calories Do Peas Have? – How Peas Can Help You Lose Weight

How Many Calories Do Peas Have? - How Peas Can Help You Lose Weight

Peas are an excellent source for weight loss, with their high protein and fiber content. They can also be filling, so you don’t crave those extra snacks or meals throughout the day!

Pea greens, in particular, have been shown to help people lose more than twice as much body fat compared to other legumes like lentils when eaten regularly over time.

In this blog post, we will talk about how many calories there may actually be within peas themselves – what makes them such an excellent choice among other carb-heavy foods on your grocery list? 

And finally: do they work magic alone, or does proper exercise play its part? Let’s find out!

Peas and Their Benefits

Peas and Their Benefits

Peas might be one of the healthiest foods you’ll ever eat. 

They’re high in fiber and protein, which can help keep your hunger pangs at bay all day long! When cooked (or if they come prepackaged), peas are an excellent source for vitamin A – great not only for vision but also against skin disorders like acne.

 Plus, these legumes contain soluble fibers that promote digestion AND lower cholesterol levels too, so it’s hard not to love them right away? 

But whether eaten raw or sautéed seasoned with spices such as cayenne pepper sauce dipped into dairy-free Lisa Friesen Equipment Girl Power Fenugreek & Coriander mixture makes them even better than before. 

And who knew you could eat pea pods straight from the garden?

Calories in Peas: Nutritional Facts of Peas and How they are cooked

Calories in Peas: Nutritional Facts of Peas and How they are cooked

Yes, I love peas. For example, a 1/2-cup serving of these little dynamos contains about: 

Vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene), which is good for your skin and eye health; iron to maintain energy levels in cells throughout our bodies; plus they’re packed with protein – 10 grams per cup! And you can’t beat that fiber content either–1 g net carbs means it will stay With Us longer than any other legume or vegetable out there!

So, if peas are such a nutritional powerhouse, why aren’t they in more meals? well, most people don’t know how to cook them.

No worries, here’s the recipe.

First, you need to get rid of the pod. Second, there are three main ways to cook peas:

Boil them: Bring a pot of water to boil, add peas and cook for about ten minutes. If you’d like them to warm longer, keep the pot on low heat.

Steamed: Put a little water in the bottom of a pot, bring to a boil, add peas, cover, and wait for about ten minutes. If you’d like them to warm longer, keep the pot on low heat.

Microwave: Put a little water in the bottom of a microwave-safe bowl, add peas, cover, and cook for about four minutes. If you’d like them to warm longer, keep the bowl in the microwave.

In addition to these three methods, you can also sauté peas (which I prefer) or add them to soups, stews, and stir-frys.

How Peas Can Help You Lose Weight

How Peas Can Help You Lose Weight


Peas are a great way to help you lose weight because they provide fiber and protein. This can make people feel fuller after eating them, which could lead them to eat less calories overall! 

Peas also have low-calorie counts, making it easier for those who want an energy boost without all of the added fat found in other sources such as cereal or snacks typical vending machines.

So, here are some ways how peas can help you lose weight:

1. Low-Calorie Content

Peas are a great way to satisfy your hunger and get all the nutrients you need. 

They’re low in calories, which means they can help with weight loss by satisfying our cravings for something sweet or salty without adding unnecessary fat into other foods we eat throughout the day!

Free of Trans fats, cholesterol, and gluten!

2. Fiber-Rich

High in fiber, resistant starch can help us lose weight without feeling hungry. Peas also contain important vitamins like vitamin A and C that our bodies need for growth!

What’s better than eating something healthy? Eating the right things at just enough time, so you don’t get bored with your diet or have an unhealthy craving strike while trying to stick strictly to dietary rules- which always happens sooner rather than later anyway because humans are creatures of habit if nothing else.

Anyway, peas are one of those things you can eat a lot of without feeling gross or like you’re eating the same thing over and over again. 

They’re versatile, and they have a ton of fiber to help you feel full after just a small serving. Not to mention all that resistant starch you get, great for gut health. 

I recommend cooking them in an Instant Pot to make things even easier!

3. Protein-rich and fat-free

Peas are a great weight-loss food because they’re low in calories and fat, making them perfect for people who need to slim down. And like I said, they also contain fiber which can help keep you feeling full throughout the day!

Pea protein makes this happen by helping your body break down food into fuel – meaning no more hunger pangs between meals when all we want is some carbs after an intense workout session or a long day at work.

Conclusion: Calories in Peas

If you’re looking for a healthy weight loss solution, peas may be the answer. These little green veggies are low in calories and contain many nutrients that help regulate your metabolism. Some of these include folate (important for pregnant women), vitamin K1, potassium, manganese, copper, protein, and fiber. 

They also provide antioxidants to protect against cell damage from free radicals produced by our bodies while burning energy through aerobic activities.

Peas can be added to salads or soups as well as eaten on their own when fresh peas are available in season! Add them to your diet today!