Hi There,

Let me introduce myself I’m Chris Watson and PowerOfGreens.com is my site.

Chris Watson from PowerOfGreens.com

I established Power of Greens to educate and help spread the word on the importance of including greens in your diet.  

Their significance on nutrition and all-around health and wellbeing.  Very simple; It’s your own little doctor within your kitchen or pantry.

Greens can come in the form of vegetables, plants, teas, or even green powders. Done right these green vegetables & plants we can conjure up some delicious snacks OR drinks, something that will deliver a massive shot of goodness and will no longer need to be dreaded or avoided.

As a husband and father too, I bring my own little insights into how you can incorporate these into family meal teams too,  I know all too well those looks and tantrums that come from trying to get the little one (or the bigger one!) to eat their greens.

So you may find some ‘Little Green Trees‘, ‘Courageous Cabbage’ & ‘Super Sprint Spinach’ references here and there

Whilst I’m not a nutritionist by trade it is something I’m studying towards and can hopefully document here. 

I’m very much an advocate of healthy eating and so enthused by what we can do for our bodiesm our mind and our allround wellbeing by making simple choices in our day-to-day routines, and diets. 

But not without some naughty snacks (in moderation of course!)

Chris Watson.

I’m not here to be vociferous in my advice or on your choices, just a little nutritional education, and some fun.

And FYI I too indulge in the odd snacks from time to time – you’ve got to or your life would be BORING!   Treats and snakces= Moderation (and in the short term) but Wellbeing = a longer-term outlook and that’s where Power Of Greens comes to the fore.

Here’s a little insight into how the shopping goes – the face you make when trying to get the little one to pick up some greens!

Nina Watson - Power of Greens

One final thing from me;

How many portions of greens have you had this week?   and don’t give me any of your slices of lettuce on a big mac, please……. 😉

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