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Keto OS NAT: Is It Effective? (Worth it)

Keto OS NAT: Is It Effective? (Worth it)

Keto OS NAT: Is It Effective

Will Keto OS NAT help you reach ketosis quickly?

In an industry full of “breakthroughs” and promises, it’s no wonder that companies are looking for ways to differentiate their products from the competition. 

In this article, we take a look at one such product.

Ketogenic supplements like those made by Atkins Nutritionals Inc., or “Ketones” as they’re known within fitness circles (the maker claims these have been shown time after time prove successful). 

But what did our research team uncover when investigating whether using them really works?



Keto OS NAT is a brand-new product line that delivers fermented ketone supplements, which are supposed to provide the body with advanced technology in order for you can burn off existing fat reserves. 

The high number of active ingredients offered by this particular supplement also suppresses appetite and makes it easier for your metabolic rate to increase so we’ll see those pounds drop!

With the addition of Keto OS NAt, you’ll be able to get all-natural exogenous ketones that are bioidentical with your body’s natural ones. This will result in superior numbers for optimal health and fitness!

The different versions available include caffeine-free or charged with a little kick – perfect if you need an extra boost when starting out strong at work/play etc., but not so much after consuming 3 cups worth (who wants THAT!).


There are 25 flavors of Keto OS NAT. Some of them are:

Horchata Clásica, Hibiscus, Sweet Tea Lemonade, Sweet Jam, Berry Enchanted, etc.

History Of Keto OS NAT

History Of Keto OS NAT

In September 2018 Keto OS NAT was launched (a division of Pruvit Ventures).

This venture capital-backed company is dedicated to bringing you the best supplements on ketosis and nutrition! They have based out of North Texas where they have been successful with their previous ventures.

The first thing that you notice about Pruvit Keto//OS Nat, is the great value for your money! 

It includes 45 calories and 5 grams carbs with 4 g sugar alcohols as well 100% DV vitamins A & B6. 

There’s also 240 mg calcium 18+45mg magnesium plus 95 milligrams sodium per serving so even if ketosis leaves us feeling hungry all year round we can always count on these key nutrients being delivered right where they need.


With the recommended dosage of 2 packets per day, it’s easy to see how someone could experience benefits from this product in just days. 

If you are sensitive to caffeine or have any medical conditions that contraindicate the use of this product please consult your physician prior to starting! 

The high mineral content in our ketone salts may be too much for some people so we recommend drinking half your body weight (in water) daily while using these products since they do provide benefits on their own when consumed.

Side Effects 

Exogenous ketones can cause stomach discomforts like diarrhea, nausea, and gas. 

Then again, the diuretic effect might give you symptoms of mild dehydration such as headache or fatigue.

Since more than 400 mg per day could lead to anxiety in some people if ingested too much, the caffeine content becomes a concern. 

Always speak with your doctor before starting any dietary supplement regimen!


It’s important to note that the price of Pruvit Ketone supplements can vary depending on where you buy them.

If purchasing from their website, each serving comes out at about 130 dollars and this does not include shipping costs either way so your total may be higher than listed above! 

Subscribing monthly will save around 30%, but there are no discounts for newcomers in case someone is just trying it out.

They’d need two bottles per day which would add up fast ($260).

Keto OS NAT Pros and Cons

Keto OS NAT Pros and Cons

Ketosis is a natural state of being, but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. 

For those who are curious about this keto dieting trend and want to know if they’ll be benefited from trying out the benefits or not so much by taking part in an experiment with risks-handing over your credit card will definitely warrant some review before diving headfirst! 

The product is dairy-free and gluten-free. It comes in nine different flavors, which can be added to your favorite drinks or salads for an extra crunchy taste! 

The fermented state may aid absorption so you’ll get all the benefits without any stomach issues – unlike other products on the market that contain enzymes from extracted Notification Paper Brocolli (Grain). 

Is Keto OS NAT worth it?

Is Keto OS NAT worth it

In theory, it sounds possible. However, as of now, this product has been proven to be effective only in test tubes and not on human beings so we can’t really say whether or how effectively your average person would experience any benefits from taking them given their lack of consistency among individuals based off various factors like age/gender etcetera. 

It may depend largely if they maintain strict dietary practices while using exogenous ketones which will then regulate blood sugar levels but even still some people react differently.

The Keto OS NAT product line’s molecular structure is said to repair cells, balance amino acids, and improve the immune system. 

While several ingredients have shown success in restoring the DNA of laboratory animals however these methods require testing on human subjects before they can be verified.

Effective people who currently do not exist at this time according to published research available online regarding their formula plenty more information will become clear once trials begin soon enough.

However, this isn’t perfect because it still contains high amounts of sugars alcohol such as xylitol and lactose. 

Not only will these items raise serum glucose levels quickly but they’re also considered safe enough by convention


Exogenous ketones like Prüvit Keto OS NAT may help you get into Ketosis faster but if don’t change your diet these results will not be sustained.

This supplement also comes with significant side effects for people at risk of high blood pressure so it’s important to know what their health status currently entails before using this product as an alternative way “in” or primary means towards fat burning!

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