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How Good Is Athletic Greens?

How Good Is Athletic Greens?

how good is athletic greens

While your intentions might be to eat healthier and consume multiple servings of vegetables every day, the reality is this rarely happens.

Up steps Athletic Greens with their solution to that very problem.

Athletic Greens is a powdered greens supplement that can help boost key bodily functions from your immune system to energy production.

Any nutritional deficiencies can seriously impact your health, so obtaining a balance of nutrients every day is crucial.

Athletic Greens is a good nutritional supplement with many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and superfoods to help support your body.

It’s paleo, keto, gluten-free, and is manufactured to strict quality standards. The comprehensive formula helps as your nutrition requirements change over time.

Read on and I’ll cover the following;

Powdered Greens

powdered greens supplement by athletic greens

Powdered greens, or green powder, is a nutritional supplement that has become a common way to help people meet their recommended vitamin and mineral intake.

The nutritional mixture is designed to help the immune system and increase the body’s energy levels while eating daily because you may still need additional nutrients despite eating a well-balanced diet.

The ingredients in green powder are different depending on the brand, but typically this nutritional mixture includes the following ingredients:

  • Vegetables and leafy grasses
  • Seaweed and algae
  • Fruits that are antioxidant-rich
  • Probiotics
  • Extracts and herbs that are beneficial for your body
  • Green tea extract for a caffeine boost

Very commonly, people pour powdered greens into some liquid such as water, smoothies, or juices.

Although these powders have a grassy or vegetable flavor, many brands also add natural sugar alternatives to improve and sweeten the taste, such as stevia extract.

Potential Benefits From Eating Powdered Greens

Potential Benefits From Eating Powdered Greens

While fiber is mostly lost in the process of making powdered greens due to the use of dried vegetables and fruit for the mixture, there are some claims that green powder can complement a balanced diet due to the additional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The vitamins present in powdered greens can potentially reduce the long-term risk of chronic diseases.

People who took one serving of green powder daily experienced a drop in both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure in one clinical trial.

Powdered greens also contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals linked to the development of a balanced immune system.

Some of these vitamins and minerals include:

  • Vitamin A, which has anti-inflammatory, immunity-enhancing effects
  • Selenium is present in most green powders and has been known to help the immune system combat infection.
  • Calcium and potassium are correlated with adequate control of blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C is an active antioxidant that protects free radicals that destroy cells.
  • Vitamin K maintains healthy blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart problems, and helps avoid bone deterioration.

Potential Risks From Eating Powdered Greens

Green powder is a great way to boost a healthier diet of additional vitamins and minerals and ensure that the recommended amounts are met.

However, powdered greens are made differently depending on the company, and the nutrients will be different.

Generally, it is best if you did not substitute powdered greens for a well-balanced diet as the powder cannot entirely replace the nutritional benefits from eating regular meals.

There are some risks to consider before adding powdered greens to your diet:  Please note this is NOT specific to Athletics Greens formula – these are general points that must be considered when you supplement your diet.

Always take proper medical advice before using any sort of powdered greens and supplements.

  • Interactions with medication: Some prescribed and over the counter medicines, including antibiotics, cholesterol medications, weight reduction drugs, and blood thinners, can interact or interfere negatively with vitamin K.
  • Contaminations: There were lab studies that noted various lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals that exceeded limits and are harmful to the human body were found in some green powders. These pollutants can lower energy levels in large quantities and harm your organs, causing damage.
  • Allergies: While powdered greens include many different green superfoods, wheatgrass, and other extracts, these ingredients can induce allergic reactions or negatively affect your body by causing nausea or headaches.
  • Pregnancy: As the effects of these supplements are not well known, the added herbal extracts and nutritional supplements in powdered greens may be risky for pregnant women or women who are currently breastfeeding infants.

What Does Athletic Greens Help You With?

What Does Athletic Greens Help You With

Athletic Greens is one of the most nutritionally dense powdered green products available on the market.

According to Athletic Greens, every ingredient is carefully reviewed and chosen for its benefits, which scientific studies and research have backed. Each package of powdered greens from Athletic Greens consists of 75 minerals, vitamins, and ingredients sourced from whole foods.

There are a few cores of health that Athletic Greens supports

  • The nervous system and immune system: For a well-functioning nervous system and immune system, digesting the right amount and combination of vitamins and minerals is essential for the body to function.
  • Gut health, liver, and digestion: Naturally occurring enzymes are shown to boost the digestive system and increase the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics and prebiotics in Athletic Greens may help foster a balanced gut.
  • Energy production: A combination of fatty acids and essential minerals is necessary to regulate and manage blood sugar levels.
  • Hormone, neural, and adaptogen: Adaptogens are a class of herbs that may help lower fatigue, reduce stress, and help with sleep.
  • Antioxidant superfoods: Antioxidants can help counteract the impact of free radicals that can inflict cell damage in your body.

Since Athletic Greens is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified and registered as a product under Certified for Sport, each batch and ingredient in Athletic Greens is tested and verified to ensure quality.

Additional analysis and testing on a microbiological level are done for each batch to ensure there are no harmful contaminants and ensure quality compliance. Since

Athletic Greens also has records of each batch that is manufactured; every pack is traceable to where and when it was made and packaged in its facility.

Constant Improvement & Iterations

According to Athletic Greens, they have made more than 50 interactions to the powdered greens product since 2010.

For example, in one of their most recent iterations, they decided to add an adaptogenic herb known as Rhodiola rosea.

After reviewing clinical trials that showed this adaptogenic herb could improve athletes’ performance and reduce depression, fatigue, and stress, Athletic Greens added this unique ingredient to the product. They are currently working on other iterations to further improve the final product.

Improvements in Health

Many factors influence how you are affected by Athletic Greens once you start taking the nutritional supplement.

For instance, your lifestyle, fitness, and diet will impact how quickly the supplement will affect your system.

While some people notice changes in a few days, it can take weeks of consistent use before noticing any improvements.

Is Athletic Greens Gluten-Free?

Is Athletic Greens Gluten Free

Athletic Greens is gluten-free.

Gluten is a protein that can be generally found in most grains such as barley, rye, and wheat. Gluten can cause severe health issues or other allergic reactions, and eating a gluten-free diet is essential for managing celiac disease, wheat allergies, and other conditions associated with gluten.

Additionally, a gluten-free diet is very popular nowadays among people who claim that a diet without gluten increases their energy and helps with weight loss.

Is Athletic Greens Keto Friendly?

Athletic Greens is keto-friendly and is suitable for people that are on a keto diet.

However, it is vital to check that Athletic Greens fit in your keto macros to avoid being kicked out of ketosis.

The ketogenic diet is a diet with low carbohydrates and high fats. It is very similar to other low carb diets such as the Atkins diet. The reduction of carbs places the body into ketosis, a metabolic state that efficiently burns fat into energy.

Additionally, the fat is turned into ketones, which can supply energy to your brain.

The keto diet can also cause reductions in insulin levels and lower blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial to your health.

Is Athletic Greens Organic?

Is Athletic Greens Organic

Athletic Greens is not organic.

Some of the Athletic Greens items are organic, but other ingredients in their proprietary blend are inorganic, such as minerals.

Also, probiotics or other ingredients in Athletic Greens are generally not classified as inorganic or organic due to the process of which the ingredient was extracted or grown.

Sometimes ingredients are sourced from a supplier that is not organic.

In fact, Athletic Greens stated that organic is not necessarily the best when it comes down to specific ingredients in their FAQ. Regarding all these reasons, Athletic Greens is not entirely organic.

Is Athletic Greens Paleo?

Athletic Greens is paleo-friendly. However, there are several ingredients in Athletic Greens that may not be considered paleo-friendly.

The powdered greens contain pea protein and other ingredients from vegetables. Some people eating a paleo diet may want to avoid oxalates, lectins, and other antinutrients found in Athletic Greens.

However, Athletic Greens uses a freeze-drying process to preserve and extract nutrients with the most minimal antinutrients.


It is essential to achieve a balance of nutrients daily.

With vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and superfoods, Athletic Greens is a dietary supplement that may nourish and sustain your body.

Athletic Greens is a dietary supplement

It is friendly to paleo, keto, and gluten-free and vegan diets and is manufactured while adhering to rigorous compliances.

I’ve been using it for a while now and id highly recommend it.  It doesn’t taste anywhere near as bad as some of the other powders I’ve tried (AG actually has a little bit of a citrus-like flavor to it).

I’ve also managed to consolidate a few of my other supplements (such as my mushroom powders, Coq10, amongst others.

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