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Does Athletic Greens Have Vitamin D?

Does Athletic Greens Have Vitamin D?

does athletic greens have vitamin D

Getting enough vitamins and nutrients into our bodies can be a real struggle.

We often don’t have enough time or knowledge about getting enough of these health-boosting nutrients, specifically vitamin D.

Luckily, nowadays there are products on the market that can make it a lot easier for us, such as Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens has a supplement that contains vitamin D3 and K2. Their flagship Ultimate Daily product does not contain vitamin D, but it does offer 75 other highly nutritious ingredients.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Athletic Greens and vitamin D, whether it’s a multivitamin, whether it has caffeine and collagen, and more.

Athletic Greens and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that almost none of us naturally get enough of.

It’s impossible to get enough of it merely through food. We get most of our vitamin D from sunlight unless, of course, we are not exposed to sunlight enough.

Besides that, spending a lot of the time in the sun has its own health risks, so taking a supplement of vitamin D is a very smart decision.

Athletic Greens came out with a supplement that contains vitamin D, K2, and a little bit of vitamin E. Believe it or not, but vitamin K2 is even harder to get enough of than vitamin D naturally, so in that department, you could probably also use a little help.

The best natural sources of vitamin K2 are fermented foods and drinks or egg yolk.

This supplement also has vitamin E in it, which is also a great vitamin.

Why Vitamin D & K2 Together?

So why did Athletic Greens put these two vitamins together in one supplement, you might wonder.

Well, that’s because these two vitamins are supposed to or appear to be working well together. This mostly benefits the calcium department.

Vitamin D has been linked to a better mood, hormonal health, and bone strength. K2 has been researched less but also seems to help with bone strength.

K2 supposedly ensures that most of the calcium your body produces ends up in your bones and not in your soft tissues.

So vitamin D enhances the amount of calcium you are able to absorb from your food, and vitamin K2 makes sure it ends up in the best places.

It is also thought that K2 improves the health of our hearts since it may help reduce calcium from ending up in your arteries.

Is Athletic Greens a Multivitamin?

Is Athletic Greens a Multivitamin

Since Athletic Greens’ Ultimate Daily product contains multiple vitamins, you can conclude that it is, in fact, a multivitamin.

However, most multivitamins contain fewer vitamins and nutrients than Athletic Greens offers.

Additionally, Athletic Greens contains higher quality nutrients, variety, and a greater quantity than most multivitamins.

The fact that it comes in powder form that has to be mixed with water is also a bonus since your body absorbs it better than a pill or a tablet.

Do You Still Need To Take Multivitamins?

According to the Athletic Greens website,

“Most customers make the decision to discontinue taking a multivitamin when using Athletic Greens.”

If there are some nutrients in your multivitamin that Athletic Greens doesn’t contain, it could be a good idea to take that particular vitamin or mineral separately.

The reason being that it’s said that taking too many of specific vitamins (such as some vitamin B’s) isn’t beneficial for your health.

Note that if you are taking any supplements for particular health issues or on the advice of your Medical GP, always consult them before making any changes.

Does Athletic Greens Have Caffeine?

Athletic Green’s Ultimate Daily product does not have caffeine particularly.

However, it does have green tea extract and cocoa extract, which causes there to be a very small amount of caffeine in there.

So, if you’re trying to avoid caffeine, Athletic Greens is still an excellent option for you.

Does Athletic Green Have Collagen?

Does Athletic Green Have Collagen

Athletic Greens does not contain collagen.

However, it does contain citrus bioflavonoids, which have been said to have many benefits for our skin.

Citrus bioflavonoid is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, and it works well together with vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes collagen production and is also an excellent antioxidant.

Additionally, specific citrus bioflavonoids strengthen capillaries, which are believed to protect collagen.

Can You Use Athletic Greens as a Meal Replacement?

Can You Use Athletic Greens as a Meal Replacement

Because of the fact that Athletic Greens contains so many nutrients, you might think you’ve had enough of those for the day.

But is that really true? It does help you to reach your RDV (recommended daily values) in just one single drink, but it’s not a meal replacement.

It shouldn’t be considered as an alternative to a healthy, nutrient-rich diet.

However, it does supply you with more than 100 percent RDV for many of the nutrients.

Athletic Greens has 75 ingredients, but there will still be some ingredients that you will need to get into your system through other ways. Another benefit is that it contains many probiotics and prebiotics.

These are very good for gut health because they help good bacteria survive. With a lot of probiotics, many bacteria are killed off in your digestive system before they have a chance to prove their benefit.

Prebiotics help to make sure those bacteria survive.

When Should You Drink Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens recommends drinking

it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach in order to absorb it optimally.

It’s also believed that getting healthy nutrients into your body after a night of not eating or drinking is the best way to start the day and to ‘wake up’ the digestive system.

You either mix it with your favorite juice, smoothie, milk or simply drink it with water. Reviewers have said it’s drinkable with water, unlike many other powdered health drinks that can sometimes be foul-tasting.

One standard serving is 12 grams (one scoop) a day. After drinking it, you can have your regular breakfast.

Remember to store an opened package in the refrigerator since the probiotics are ‘alive’ and like to be in a colder environment.

Does Athletic Greens Help With Weight Loss?

Does Athletic Greens Help With Weight Loss

Green powders such as the one from Athletic Greens are designed to help us reach the advised daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients.

The nutrients in Athletic Greens can help improve our energy levels; it can help prevent chronic diseases, help detoxify our bodies, and make our overall health better.

All of this depends, however, on how we live the rest of our lives.

It’s essential to have a healthy diet next to drinking Athletic Greens every day.

Only consuming Athletic Greens while living an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle is not going to make us lose weight.

It’s important to eat fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly to keep our bodies healthy.

Is Athletic Greens Really Worth It?

Since Athletic Greens isn’t of the lowest price that’s out there, you might be wondering if it’s really worth your money.

Consider for a moment that it includes 75 ingredients that are all incredibly healthy for you and might otherwise be hard to come by.

Many of the nutrients that you can find in these powdered greens aren’t found in the average produce section in your local supermarket.

Balance & Immune System

Many customer reviews seem to say how much they’ve noticed their energy improve, even within short periods such as a month.

Athletic Greens ensures that they’ve created a

“perfect balance of vitamins and minerals,” which “is crucial for a well-functioning nervous system, and a fundamental building block of a strong immune system.”


According to Athletic Greens, They’ve

“added ingredients with naturally occurring enzymes that bolster the digestive process and enhance nutrient absorption. Our formula also contains immune-supporting mushrooms.”

Additionally, they say:

“High-quality prebiotics and probiotics provide effective immune system support.

Probiotics to improve your gut health, enhance nutrient absorption and strengthen your immune system.

Prebiotics are special types of fiber that feed those probiotics so they can multiply and establish an ongoing presence in your digestive system.”

More Benefits Of Athletic Greens

Since a lot of superfoods, plant extracts, herbs, and antioxidants are used that you regularly won’t receive from fruit and vegetables from the product aisle, Athletic Greens is an excellent addition to any diet and can really lift your health game up to a higher level.

In fact, “Our superfood formula provides the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per scoop”, they say.

Final Thoughts

Nearly all of us are in some desperate need of vitamin D since our bodies don’t produce enough of it, and it’s hard to get enough through our (healthy) diets.

The flagship product of Athletic Greens is the Ultimate Daily, which does not contain vitamin D.

If you still feel like you’re in need of a vitamin D supplement, you should supplement it separately.

Athletic Greens also offer this, and it contains K2 as well, which goes amazingly with vitamin D3.

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